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I work/play with the Human body; educating, training and teaching the general public, athletes, physical performers, and Health and Fitness professionals. Currently I also provide services to Surrey Strength and Performance.

In the main, I think the current model of general physical education, training and coaching amounts to little more than ‘bean counting’ and accountability, with more effort spent learning how to be salespeople/pushing programs/digital products than refining or investigating the substance and effectiveness of what is taught. Technology as it is, is making it possible for an app to do this as well as, if not better than the majority of these ‘professionals’.

Generally it seems we have mediocre ideas of what we as humans can be, or do, or can and should expect. Mostly we are dumbed down by those in the positions meaning to help and elevate us, spending time neglecting the full gamut of what the human is capable of by pursuing some limited notions expressed through aesthetics (weight gain/fat loss/booty/strong/flexible/healthy) or metrics of abstractions (Body Fat as a substitute for health, Power output/VO2 Max as a substitute for capability/competence, repetition/duration as a substitute for development). We prioritise byproducts of physical activity as the focus of the activity

If you want what could tentatively be called ‘holistic’ training, an approach that develops you as a capable Human first, with byproducts being achieved, incidentally, not as ends in themselves, then drop me a message.

Some possibly pertinent points:

Along with ongoing inquiry, the following inherited pools of knowledge inform aspects of what/how I teach and what you can learn:

  • Traditional Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapeutic methodologies
  • Parkour (see below)
  • Gymnastics, Handbalancing and Calisthenics
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Non-Yoga and Yoga(s) breathwork and flexibility methods
  • Pilates, Feldenkrais and Alexander Techniques
  • Barefoot/minimalist/endurance running
  • Chen Tai Qi and hunyuan and medical Qi Gong and various Martial Arts
  • Bouldering
  • Some ‘weirder’ stuff like fasting, lucid dreaming/visualization, various counselling and therapy methods, hypnosis and NLP
  • Currently developing/exploring in the domains of dance and apnea

I received a more traditional education in some disciplines: